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Do you ever watch a movie or TV show so intensely that when it’s over you feel like you’re a part of the show? After a Marvel movie, I leave the theater thinking Magneto is going to be in the parking lot and at any moment Professor Xavier will come take me to his school for mutants (of course at that point my mutant power will come to life). I leave suspense movies going to the bathroom like I’m an undercover spy. I leave sci-fi movies trying to open the door with my mind. Obviously, I have a wild imagination.

What is the point you ask?

Well… I recently finished all the seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix. Side note, where is my Chuck Bass? I couldn’t help falling in love with his wooing and pursuing of Blaire while still being a little bit of an a**. Since I couldn’t go back to high school and sit on the steps of the Met over lunch, I decided I would adapt some of their fashion so naturally I needed multiple winter coats and purses that you carry on your forearm/elbow/not as a backpack like I normally do.

Honestly, I don’t carry purses. I usually try to tuck everything in my pocket, boot or I carry a backpack. So the fact that I bought this purse means I was in full GG character. The purse was a stretch for me, and I LOVE it but the RomWe coat was a no brainer.

Purchasing Tips:

Fit: Purchase the coat a size or two bigger than normal. It will stretch out as you wear it, so don’t be alarmed if it’s a little snug when you first get it.

Style: Wear it with anything. It’s adorable. Your’e going to be obsessed too.

Purchase: RomWe

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