Tips for Saving Money at Target

I’m always amazed when people say they can’t believe I got “THAT” from Target. People, seriously. TARGET IS AMAZING. It’s also a vortex that takes all your money, so enter with caution. Target can be over whelming and seemingly pricey at times, you just have to know how and when to shop.

Tips for saving money at Target:

  1. Download the Cartwheel app. Carthwheel is an app that stores limited time coupons/discounts for different products, apparel, etc. at Target. All you have to do is scan the items you’re purchasing and the app will tell you if it’s on sale or not. When you check out you’ll have the cashier scan your app and your discounts will be applied. Also, you can use the Cartwheel discount in addition to any discount that’s being given in the store!
  2. Get the Target debit card. THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD. It’s literally a debit card, it’s connected to your bank account. Take note, sometimes it can take up to three days for the money to leave your account so don’t go on a $200 Target haul and forget about it. Not that I’m speaking from experience… Every time you use it at Target you get 5% off, and free shipping when you order from Apply for your Target debit card here.
  3. Learn the Target sale schedule. I once read that every Tuesday women’s clothing will be on sale, and I swear that every Tuesday I go to Target women’s clothing is on sale. This sale schedule is floating around on the internet, I find the it’s mostly true – though I swear Wednesdays are the magical days.
    • Monday: electronics, accessories, kids clothing, books, stationary
    • Tuesday: women’s clothing, pet, food items
    • Wednesday: men’s clothing, health & beauty, lawn & garden
    • Thursday: housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor, luggage
    • Friday: auto, cosmetics, hardware, jewelry
  4. Shop the clearance. The clothing clearance section often has really cute pieces, but appear to be clearance out because there is only one or two sizes remaining. It’s also not overwhelming and terrifying like other store’s clearance sections. I often won’t shop clearance because it makes my OCD go INSANE but Target’s is typically manageable.
  5. Check for online sales. Sometimes Target will have sales online that aren’t in the stores. If you want to purchase a bigger piece like lawn furniture, check online first! Plus, if you have your Target debit card you’ll always get free shipping! If you don’t want to sign up for a Target debit card, use this link to get free shipping on $35 or more purchases.

Overall Target is amazing! They have affordable clothing, shoes, household decor and it’s actually good material. If you have any other questions about navigating Target reach out to me on Instagram, I love helping people shop!

Shirt: Target | Shorts: Target (similar)

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