Styling a Bodysuit 101

I may not always remember the proper name for a bodysuit (I’ve called it a onesie and leotard to name a few) but one thing I definitely know is I am OBSESSED with them. I love the tucked in shirt look, it takes a relaxed look and makes it look polished.

Let’s talk about the fears behind wearing a bodysuit:

  1. It won’t be comfortable… Surprisingly, it is! Babies enjoy them, why can’t adults? After a while you forget you’re wearing a bodysuit until you go to “untuck” your shirt. Tip: if you’re not able to try on the bodysuit and you typically go between sizes, then purchase up a size for comfort.
  2. It’ll feel like a permanent wedgie… Nope! I’m sure you felt the same way the first time you wore a thong (if you’ve never worn one you’re missing out on the freedom). After a while you’ll find that you prefer a bodysuit over a normal shirt. I’m serious, give it a chance!
  3. There is no way I can go to the bathroom in it… Let’s just say that it’s easier than you think, I promise. Besides most snap open and shut just like a baby onesie (that’s a reason I get confused by the name).
  4. I don’t know how to style it… Ahhhh it’s so easy!!! Pinky promise. Just pair it with high-waisted shorts/jeans or a shirt. Soon you’ll feel more bold and you’ll wear it with your regular pants.

Take a peak at how I styled mine. Yes, the gray “t-shirt” is actually a bodysuit. 🙂 Give bodysuits a chance, just like that guy were going to left swipe but decided to “live on the edge” and right swipe. Why do I always compare fashion to dating? I don’t know, I’m single. Back to the topic on hand…


Again, thank you SO much to Faith Blackwell Photography. View her work using the contact information below. She specializes in head shots and images for professionals, but you will see through her images that she has the eye for anything! <333

Faith Blackwell Photography | Facebook | Instagram

Outfit One: 

Bodysuit: Forever 21(similar)| Skirt: Forever 21 | Kimono: Forever 21 (similar) | Boots: Forever 21(similar) | Photo: Faith Blackwell Photography

Outfit Two:

Bodysuit: Forever 21 (Forever 21) | Flannel: Forever 21 (similar) | Jeans: Macy’s | Booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) | Photo: Faith Blackwell Photography

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One thought on “Styling a Bodysuit 101

  1. Jessica C says:

    Those are ALL the concerns I’ve had over the years! I don’t wear thongs (have tried, can’t stand the feeling!!) and that’s why I figured bodysuits might feel kind of similar. I suppose the ones that have those thong-like backs are the ones I would still avoid, but I’m totally open to trying other ones now!!

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic

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