Spring Pattern Mixing

I’m baaaaack! If you didn’t notice, I had to take a brief hiatus from blogging (hopefully you’ve still been following my fashion on Instagram). You see, what had happened was… I BOUGHT A HOUSE! It’s been so exciting but suuuuuper stressful! Let’s just say, I learned my lesson and will never hire a service provider without reading reviews first. Long story short, for a month I was confined to only living in my bedroom (stupid floors, who needs them). So I’m finally done being grounded (HA!) and can focus on my blogging again.

It’s now the time of the year when you leave home wearing a parka and drive home from work half naked from being too hot. So until mother nature decides to fully embrace spring, now is the season for layers! I layered my camo jacket over this rose colored shirt and paired it with a floral clutch to soften up the camo. My style is usually pretty feminine, but it doesn’t mean I don’t wear pieces that are more edgy. Get crazy ladies, pair patterns together that feel “outside the box”. It’s not 2005 anymore, you don’t only wear camo with black.

Happy Spring Friends!

Full Front 1Details Full Front 2

A special thank you to my friends Kacie and Jaime  at Regally Soled for letting me crash their lunch time and taking my photos! If you’re not following them yet, well, you’re welcome!

Jacket Forever 21 (similar) | Shirt Forever 21 (similar)| Jeans Miss Me | Cutch Just Fab | Shoes Just Fab | Necklace Forever 21 (similar)

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