Spray on Your Face with Luminess Air® AirSupremacy

When it comes to makeup, especially foundations, I’m no expert. In fact, I’m a total novice. I know nothing, but expect everything. I want my foundation to look natural, feel light and apply with ease. So I have to be honest I was nervous to try Luminess Air® AirSupremacy mist foundations. I’ve never had my make-up airbrushed by a professional, so doing it by myself seemed like it was a disaster waiting to happen. Just like the feeling when a Tinder date is much cuter in person than his profile picture, my experience with AirSupremacy was soooo much better than I thought. It crushed my expectations! It looks natural, feels light and was SO easy to apply. Oh, and it can last up to 18 hours! I actually slept in mine and just had to touch it up slightly the next day.

I used Shade 4 Sunkissed, Shade 5 Cinnamon, and the Soft Rose blush. Because I’m practically a professional at applying airbrush make-up now (slight sarcasm), I have a few tips to share!

  1. Cover your hair with a towel, or with a wide headband to protect your hair. If you get some in your hair, just wet a towel and wipe/wash it out. Oh, and don’t forget to take off any jewelry you’re wearing.
  2. First, shake the cans really well then apply in layers. Spray a light coat, then build your coverage. I got a little aggressive the first time I used it and probably had a solid inch of foundation on my face. Okay, I might be slightly exaggerating but it still wasn’t a good look.
  3. Purchase two different foundation shades to easily contour your face. Spray the darker color under cheek bones, the sides of the forehead and along the chin line. It makes contouring SO easy. Seriously, so easy.
  4. At the very end I applied a little powder to help set it, and used my bronzing powder to give me a little glow.
  5. Search fASHionately Me on Snapchat if you want to see my tutorial with application tips!

Luminess Air® AirSupremacy mist is my new obsession and is now a part of my regular makeup routine! Treat yourself today and use my promo code “800941614” to get 20% off your purchase! I promise you’re going to love this line!



foundation-showcaseSide note: I did not filter or edit my face in any way. This is just how the make-up made me look and I wanted that to showcase.

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