Short Hair (don’t care) Braid Tutorial

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Lately, every time I get my hair cut I seem to cut it shorter and shorter. I love how effortlessly easy short hair is, I have literally cut my “getting ready” time in half. It’s amazing! However, when you have short hair it’s a little more difficult to find unique ways to style it (we just don’t have that much hair to work with). So, that being said… I HAVE A CUTE WAY TO STYLE YOUR SHORT HAIR. Sorry, I got a little shouty. I’m just excited!

Braid Tutorial for Short Hair

Step 1: Part your hair to the side, making your part slightly more dramatic than normal. Take the hair at the base of your part, pulling your towards the back of your head, braid hair with a basic three section braid. Tip: Always braid hair in the direction you want the braid to lie. If you braid the hair straight down, but try to pin it towards the back of your head it’ll bubble. No one wants bubbles!

Step 1

Step 2: Pull a section of your that’s not braiding up, and use a bobby pin to secure your braid. Then cover the bobby pin with the hair you pulled up.

Step 2

Step 3: Start a second braid towards the end of your first braid.

Step 3

Step 4: Secure the second braid with a bobby pin hiding it under a section of hair, just as you did in step 2.

Step 4

Step 5: Run your hands through your hair and “fluff” it using your fingers to tease it and give it volume. Ensure all your bobby pins are hidden under hair. Admire your adorable creation!

Final Look

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Product 1

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Final Look 2

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