Shopping with a Wine Buzz

Over time I’ve developed a problem of drinking too much wine and then online shopping. What’s the problem you ask? The problem is, whenever I do this I tend to order clothes that are a little more risqué than I would normally wear. In my happy wine buzz state I convince myself that I need to dress more “sexy”. PSA: I AM NOT SEXY. Like I just can’t be. I’m far too awkward.

This habbit started all started when I was dumped (whatever) and decided I needed to make him regret his decision. So, I ordered a bunch of “revealing” clothing in my wine induced state while I watched and quoted one of my all time favorite movies, The Wedding Planner. I would like to say this was a low moment for me but I’m not ashamed.

All of this to say, my white unitard was something I ordered after half a bottle of wine. Don’t judge me, we all have our vices.

Jeans: American Eagle | Sweater: Target | Shirt: Forever 21 | Hat: Lola Blue | Sunnies: Lola Blue

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