Meet Plum Pretty Sugar

This backless dress makes me feel like I’m the “obviously single” girl at a classy tea party. Is anyone else getting that vibe? If I don’t show part of my skin then how is the cute server going to know he can slip me his number? Okay, back to reality.

I’m loving Plum Pretty Sugar, they have the girliest pieces and I love how feminine I feel. Trust me, pink isn’t usually my first color choice but I’m really liking this soft blush.

Sizing: I am a 34 B (C on a really good day) Bra *GASP* and this Small just fit my chest area, so keep that in mind if you’re more blessed than me. Over all, I feel like this fits 1/2 size small.

Promo Code: Use HAPPYSHIPPING for free domestic shipping and HAPPYINTSHIP for free international shipping.

Dress: Plum Pretty Sugar | Jacket: Shein | Wristlet: Tory Burch (similar) | Bracelet: Tory Burch (similar)

Pictures by Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare

Off the Shoulder with Make Me Chic

You all know that I love From the pricing to the styles, it’s a great website to find affordable fashion. My latest find from Make Me Chic is this flowy off the shoulder! I love it for summer, but it’ll also be perfect for fall with a pair of jeans. So don’t fret that it’s too late in the season for an off the shoulder because shoulders can be shown all year long!

Also it’s red, white and blue so if you need a top for for Labor Day – I got you girl.

With Make Me Chic I usually recommend purchasing a size up, but this top is pretty loose and flowy so buy true to size unless you’re between sizes they buy up!

Lola Blue the Cutest Little Boutique in Broad Ripple

I love Indianapolis! It’s had my heart since I arrived on the Butler Campus. Actually, wait… I fell in love with it when I came to Indianapolis in high school to hear Kelly Clarkson at the State Fair. Before the concert we went to the circle and it seemed soooo over whelming, now I know downtown like the back of my hand and could tell you all the best parking garages to go pop a bottle of champs on the top level and take some amazing city scape pictures.

Okay, to the point Indianapolis has some amaaaaaazing local goodies. From our restaurants to boutiques, Indianapolis is a hidden gem of a city. About 20 minutes outside of downtown is the adorable art district of Broad Ripple and in the heart of Broad Ripple is this new adorable boutique called Lola Blue. When you visit my hidden gem Indianapolis, you need to stop and meet Lola! I tagged Lola on my Instagram so you can follow their gorgeousness!

Indy Style and Lola Blue

Guys, let me tell you that this segment of Indy Style wasn’t my best, so be kind. 🙂 I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it’s starting to show in more ways than my foggy brain and lack of energy! Luckily the products I talked about are making me look a little more refreshed than I feel. (Scroll to bottom for video.)

I’m going to GUSH about Lola Blue, a new boutique in Broad Ripple, Indiana (Indianapolis), on my next post but for now HOW CUTE IS THIS DRESS from Lola? I feel so girly in pink. Like I should be invited to a tea party girly. But I wasn’t, so now I’m going to go drink some wine. PS Lola Blue doesn’t have a website yet, so if you’re local to Indy I’ll tag them on my Instagram post.

The Perfect Little Denim OTS

Denim is a style constant. I don’t remember a single time that it was out of style. From bell bottom flares to the denim tuxedo (denim on denim) I’ve tried it all. I must say, this denim OTS (that’s what the cool kids call an “off the shoulder” top/dress/whatever) is one of my favorites!

Fun Fact: My mom got me this dress because I threatened to steal a similar one she has. Real life.

My mom got me this dress from Carson’s. I couldn’t find the exact one, so I linked a couple from Target for you.

Shoes: Target | Dress Opt. 1: Target | Dress Opt. 2: Target

Target Floral Dress

You know that feeling when you come home each day and take off your bra? Well imagine that glorious free feeling all frickin day. Well, thanks to this Target dress with a built in bra that dream is a reality. I think that’s all I really need to say about this dress…



Dress: Target | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Daytime PJs, Adulating Done Right

I have this new obsession with finding clothes that feel like I’m wearing PJs but don’t reflect the hot mess I usually am. Hot Mess (definition): one who blow dries her hair with the car air vents and has forgotten to wear underwear for the third time this week. I know, I’m crushing this whole adult thing.

Usually when I wear not PJ but PJ shorts in public I tuck some part of my shirt in so it looks a little more polished and less frumpy. These Charlotte Russe shorts are great, but I would recommend buying up a size if you’re between sizes. My donk needed a medium.

Shorts: Charlotte Russe (similar) | Shirt: Target | Shoes: Target

Target is Going Through a Breaking Up


You guys, Target is doing a designer/brand revamp and is dumping Mossimo and Merona. LIKE WHAT. I’m not sure I’m ok with this. I don’t have a missed call Target so you clearly didn’t think to ask for my opinion. The good news, this is going to be a slow break-up and you won’t see these brands completely phased out until 2019 (I guess for once letting your ex hang around is a good thing). I don’t know who “the other woman” is, but I’m am anxious to find out! Rumor has it they have an an edgier athleisure line coming in, I might like her… At this point all we can do is trust Target to make the right decision, after all their selection has never disappointed me (unlike my last boyfriend).

Oh, you know what else we can do? Enjoy these major sales! 

  • 20% off Merona apparel, use code MERONA at checkout (valid until 7/15)
  • 10$ off Burt’s Bees (valid 7/16 – 7/22)
  • 30% off throw pillows and blankets (valid 7/18 – 7/19)
  • 30% off Mossimo apparel, use code SUMMER 30 at check out (valid 7/21 – 7/22)

This romper is Xhiliration which, from what I’ve read, will still be a Target staple. THANK GOODNESS. Oh, and these Charlotte Russe wedges are sold out but I linked two very similar pairs.


Romer: Target | Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar) or (similar).

Summer Lovin’ with Charlotte Russe

It’s Friday!! Time to pop the champs, crack open a beer or mix a cocktail. After all, we made it through another week without going Brittney Spears and shaving our heads. Though I can’t lie, sometimes I have a brief moment when I’m like “I get it, Brit. I really do”. Before I pour myself a laaaaaarge glass of red wine, I want to quick talk about Charlotte, Charlotte Russe.

I have a love/meh relationship with Charlotte Russe. I typically love their clothes, but don’t always love the fit. Sometimes when I walk into Charlotte Russe I feel like everyone is looking around wondering who’s babysitter came to pick them up. But I must admit, every time I venture in, I end up come out with something!

Purchasing Tips: Both the shorts and top are from Charlotte Russe. The top fits perfectly, I’m obsessed but sadly I can’t find it online. 🙁 However, I did link a very similar one! The shorts are the type of material that easily stretch out, so if you’re going between two sizes definitely buy down a size. Basically just know that after one wear you’ll likely want to throw them in the drier to shrink and de-wrinkle. Despite all of that, they’re definitely worth getting!

Shorts: Charlotte Russe, Size M | Tank: Charlotte Russe (similar) |Sandals: Target

Custom Teeth Whitening System for Wine Lovers

Let’s get real about something, I love wine. When I say I love wine I mean I drink at least a glass of red wine practically every night. Stop judging me, it’s healthy for my heart! While red wine may be good for my heart, it’s not so great for my teeth. The more I drink red wine, the duller and less white my teeth have become. Which is NOT ok, especially with all the fun lip colors I’ve been wearing. So I was really excited to collaborate with and try an at home teeth whitening kit.

I love Smile Brilliant for a couple reasons…

  1. You get a custom whitening tray. You make an impression of your teeth at home aka you don’t have to put on pants and go to the dentist. Then simply send in your impressions and within 5 business days of Smile Brilliant receiving your them you’ll get custom fit whitening trays. There are many benefits to custom fit whitening trays, but most importantly they make sure you acheive optimal whitening results! Which this wino appreciates!
  2. The company provides helpful information to support you through your whitening process. If you’re questioning whether or not to purchase, they have a really helpful FAQ section on their website. Personally, I found it helpful to read the section about sensitivity and teeth whitening!
  3. You don’t have to use an LED light. I like this simply because it makes it easier to whiten wherever you are. If I’m going to dinner, I’ll bring my whitening kit with me to start whitening on my drive home! Curious to know if whitening will actually work without a LED light? I thought you were. It does.
  4. They’re vegan and cruelty free whitening. Which is great, but I also love that you can read a breakdown of the ingredients on their website.

Overall, I am so happy with my results! AND I had very minimum tooth sensitivity. But hey; you don’t have to take just my word for you, you can read teeth whitening reviews like mine like mind! Or check out my pictures below. Yes, I’m bragging about my white teeth right now.

The picture on my right is my “before” photo. I have always had fairly white teeth but my constant coffee for breakfast and red wine for dinner had taken away some of the white shine. I am much happier with my smile in the photo on the left now that I have used the Smile Brilliant whitening kit!










Outfit 1: eShakti | Outfit 2: Target | Teeth Whitening System: Smile Brilliant