Spring is Here with She Is Boutique

Is it possible that spring is finally here? I don’t want to jinx it, but we’ve had three nice weather days IN A ROW. One time on a great Bumble day I right swiped three guys in a row! Not important, sorry. Anyway, you know that my BFF is She Is Boutique and they have the CUTEST items up for spring right now.

Purchasing Tips: The dress and shirt run true to size, maybe even a half size bigger, so I would buy down if you’re normally between sizes. For the shoes, I go back and forth between a 7 and 7.5 and I bought the 7.5 so maybe go up a half size if you’re unsure.

Styling Tips: The off the shoulder shirt would look SO cute with white pants and a pair of wedges. Sadly, I bleached mine so many times that they ripped (must get new pair). The dress is SO comfortable. It’s the type of fabric that you spill liquid on and it looks like it “hasn’t dried” until you wash it. So be careful! However, don’t worry too much – I’m the most clumsy person when it comes to my drinks and I was able to wear it while sipping this champagne!

Dress: She Is Boutique | Sandals: She Is Boutique | Top: She Is Boutique (similar) 

Fancy Finds without Big Dollars with ThredUp

I have to admit, I don’t typically have the patience to shop at pre-owned/vintage stores. You know I LOVE affordable fashion, and I KNOW vintage stores have gorgeous items – I just don’t have the patience to sift through every piece to find the designer or brand I’m currently crushing on. Thanks to ThredUp.com I can easily find a designer piece (think Sam Edelman, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs) without having to go through every piece on the rack.

ThredUp is a secondhand store that allows you to search not only by piece (i.e. shirt, purse, etc.) but also by designer! Ahhh Finally, I can enjoy stress free secondhand shopping. After all, ThredUp is Secondhand Clothes. Firsthand Fun.™ I was super excited to find these Sam Edelman beauties for less than $30 – they retail for around $90!

Purchasing Tip: Remember it is a second hand shop, so when you receive the item it might not be in flawless condition. NO PROBLEM. My heels arrived a little scuffed, so I bought $4 leather dye and shined these babies up! I feel sooooo sassy in them.

Want to know more?

Must Have Spring Jacket from SheIn

Unlike my crush, it’s no secret that I like to show off my back. Can 30 year olds have crushes? Back to the point… I love backless pieces, and I’ll often freeze so I don’t have to put on a jacket when I’m wearing something backless. Thanks to this most perfect jean jacket from SheIn.com I don’t have to!

Purchase Tip: As always with SheIn, I purchase a size up. This jacket is a medium and it fits me like a boyfriend fit (just like I wanted). Also when it comes to SheIn.com don’t be surprised if they ask you to verify your credit card, it’s a part of their security process. This is the direct link to purchase this gorgeous, babe of a jacket.

Style Tip: Wear it with everything. Literally.

Feeling Spring with Pitaya

Dear Winter, I’m over you. And I love winter it’s the same icy cold temperature as my heart. However, at this point I AM OVER IT. I don’t know how your weather is, but here in the lovely Indianapolis we are 60 one day and 20 the next. So in attempt to bring on some spring vibes, my next couple posts will be full of happy spring colors and dare I say it SANDALS.

Okay, let’s take a minute to talk bodycon dresses in spring. I like a good bodycon (aka body shaping dress). I have a booty but I’ve embraced, so if you haven’t use a more loose fitting vest, jacket or even shirt to layer over it. I don’t care how “stylish” you look, if you don’t feel confident in your outfit it’s going to show. Style is all about showing your personality and finding your confidence. So get out there girl, show that figure off – you know it’s beautiful!

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THESE PHOTOS. No, I’m not saying to look at me I’m saying look at the gorgeous city background, the light, the focus it’s calming to my eyes. These gorgeous works of art are by the talented Audrey Wolf Photography. Ya’ll she’s amazing. If only she could take every photo of me (from my license to my Tinder pictures to every single blog post). She was able to capture the exact moment my hair LOOKED “cute wind blown” while I was literally choking on it. Check her out! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Dress: Similar | Vest: Pitaya* (similar Forever 21)| Sunnies: Pitaya*| Shoes: TJ MAxx

* For best Pitaya selection visit a store!

Spring Beauty Products and Trends with IndyStyle

SPRING IS HERE! Thank goodness. Hopefully Mother Nature makes sure the weather cooperates accordingly! Ok, we need to talk skin. I’m obsessed with taking care of your skin, no matter what age. How you take care of your skin today will show tomorrow! So I shared some of my favorite beauty finds this morning on Wish TV’s IndyStyle!

Naturally I also had to include one of my FAVORITE boutiques, SheIsBoutique.org. Today is their 1st birthday, Happy Birthday She Is! In honor of it being their birthday they want to spoil you. For today only everything on the site is 15% off. AHHHHHHH!! Go go go, shop until you drop beauties. Come back to le blog later this week and I’ll be styling some of these GORGEOUS pieces. Gosh, I love this boutique.

Aaaand make sure you watch my segment and take notes because tonight on my Instagram I’ll be giving away some of these beauty goodies!

Edgy Camo with RomWe Fashions

I don’t know what it is with this winter, but I’ve been having a love affair with camo. I think I wore it so much when it was soooo popular *rolls eyes* a couple years ago that I was tired of it. This year, camo came back like that guy from Tinder that needed to date four other girls before he decided you were worth a date. Like the Tinder guy, I let camo right back into my life. Unlike the Tinder guy, I’m so happy with the results thanks to RomWe Fashions!

Buying Tip: With RomWe I always buy one size up. With most stores, smalls usually fit me comfortably but it’s rare they’re too big. So if your current size fits the same way, buy up!

Styling Tip: This camo shirt/dress is actually sold as a dress, due to the fact that I actually wanted it to cover my bum I paired it with leggings. It all depends on your height, and how it fits your body – just be prepared to wear it either way!

Also, can we talk about something serious. Back in the early 2000s it was fashionable to matchy match shoes to your outfits but it’s 2017 people. YOU CAN WEAR BROWN BOOTS WITH BLACK. Ok, I really needed to get that off my chest.

Also, my shoulders love to be exposed. They’re so scandalous!

Camo Top: RomWe | Pleather Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) | Boots: Forever 21 (similar) | Denim Shirt: Old Navy

Your Favorite New Tee by Make Me Chic

I just got this shirt from MakeMeChic.com and it’s already been through so much with me! We went on a date (an actual good one, not the guy that showed up drunk), we went out with friends and we went out to brunch with some of my bloggy friends (cue pictures below). Ahhh we’ve already made so many good memories. With a shirt this cute, how can you not want to wear it alllll the time?

Thank you MakeMeChic.com for another adorable, affordable piece!

Shirt: Make Me Chic | Sunnies: Pitaya | Boots: Forever 21 (similar)

My Hair-Intervention with The Mae Salon

I have a confession, I was recently in a hair funk. It was an awful time in my life. I didn’t know what to do with my hair, and no amount of Pinterest searching was fixing it. I wanted to grow it out, I wanted to cut it short. I wanted to lighten it up, I wanted to keep it dark. My hair was quite frankly boring me. So let’s just say when The Mae Salon reached out to me to come experience #TheMaeWay I knew it had to be destiny.

The Mae Salon is located in SoBro (that’s what the hipsters told me to call it) also known as South Broad Ripple. It’s a cute, growing arts district in Indianapolis. It also happens to be where I call home. So if you’re going to judge a salon by it’s area, then The Mae gets 5 stars People, it’s literally right next to Patachou and across from Hubbards & Cravens. I don’t think the salon could be more perfectly located. Now let’s talk about inside the salon. Umm… hello, beautiful. I wanted to take EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE AND DECOR HOME! I’m not being dramatic.

Finally, let’s talk about the vibe and the stylists. Everyone in there is so so so so sweet! I just felt happy being in the salon. Everyone is also incredibly adorable. I wanted every stylist to be my friend, and I wanted Kayla (she did my hair) to be my BFF. Ironically I met Kayla years ago at a friend’s party (we recalled this while my foil set) and one of the first words I spoke to her (probably before hello) was that I was obsessed with her hair. Hello, destiny.

Kayla asked what I wanted to do with my hair and I felt like I was three glasses of wine in and trying to explain what I wanted – it just wasn’t translating, or so I thought. I finally just told my new BFF to do what she wanted! After all I had a girl crush on her and the salon. Let me just say, I wasn’t disappointed. After all Kayla had been my best friend for 2 hours, so she gets me. 😉

So what do you do with this information? First, follow The Mae Salon and Kayla on IG for tons of GORGEOUS hairspiration. Then, call and make your appointment (or conveniently book online). If you get your hair done at The Mae Salon tag me in your photo on IG, I want to see your hott self!

Making Your Home More Beautiful with Lladro

This guest post is brought to you by the Spanish porcelain brand, Lladro and I was sooo very excited to share it with you!

Lladro, the Spanish Porcelain brand, is the luxury of the handcrafted. The Lladro brand means quality, handcrafting and excellence in art porcelain. Lladro has never stopped exploring new forms. That is why its extensive catalog has always embraced a range from classical figurines in soft coloring and glazed finish to more sculptural pieces in grays or matte porcelain.
Over the last few years, Lladro has expanded the art of porcelain with its own developments, with new techniques and processes celebrating the theme of home décor.
These new techniques and processes in home décor include New trends featuring The Guest by Lladro Atelier and the Parrot Party Collection.
The Guest is a ground-breaking character conceived by Jaimie Hayon for Lladro Atelier. Lladro invited top international artists to design a different personality for this fun porcelain figure. They come in limited editions and numbered series, handmade by Lladro artisans in Valencia, Spain. The Guest is an original project by Lladro Atelier, a world of new experiences in porcelain. A couple of these new experiences include The Guest By Paul Smith and The Green Guest.
The Parrot Party is a collection by Lladro Atelier, the brand’s laboratory of ideas. This series of objects stands out for the striking contrast between the pure forms of the geometric elements running through the whole collection. Here, beauty and functionality go hand in hand in pieces whose artistic value goes far beyond their decorative potential.
Lights that decorate are another line of Lladro products perfect to brighten up any interior. Specular chandeliers, hanging, wall and table lamps. Lladro presents a whole range of lighting ideas in varied styles to fill your favorite room with light. Included are the Cactus Firefly Lamp, the Palm Firefly Lamp and many other lighting options.

Discover the amazing possibilities of Lladro porcelain for design, decoration and lighting. Handmade creations that take the beauty of the everyday to make every day more beautiful.
Please sign up for the Lladro Newsletter to be informed on new trends in home décor to make everyday more beautiful.

The Best Denim Shirt

Have you ever talked to a guy on Tinder/Bumble/Match/OK Cupid/some stupid dating app and the conversation is going great, but when you meet them in person they’re awkward, and uncomfortable? It’s so disappointing! That’s how shopping for a denim shirt can be. It looks so beautiful on the hanger, it feels soft and you truly think it won’t feel like a wicked pair of skinny jeans on your arms. False, it too turns our to be awkward and uncomfortable. Denim shirts are adorable and can be styled so many different ways, but it can be tricky to find one that feels as good as it looks. But ladies, I’ve found you a denim shirt that’s worthy of a right swipe from Old Navy.





















Denim Shirt: Old Navy (similar) | Watch: Jord Wood Watch | Necklace: Similar | Photography: Faith Blackwell Photography