Nerium International Firming Body Contour Cream a Girls’ Dream

I’m loving all the Nerium International products I’ve tried thus far (see my last post about their Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash), so I was especially excited to try their Firming Body Contour Cream! And people, I LOVE it. It’s so so so so hydrating, I swear I can literally hear my skin say “thank you” after I apply it. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and hydrated; which is especially important during winter when our skin is robbed of moisture.

So let me get real with you… I’m a lotion addict. I don’t use the “popular” brands that are often purchased because of the fragrance, I use real moisturizing lotion. I keep lotion by my bed, in my purse, and at my desk. I absolutely hate the feeling of dry skin. Not to mention, keeping skin hydrated also helps prevent premature signs of aging!

So why do I love the Firming Body Contour Cream?

  1. It’s clinically proven to help firm, tighten, and tone skin. Clinical results mean what they claim has been proved.
  2. It contains caffeine which supports firming and tightening of the skin by helping stimulate circulation.
  3. It contains collagen and elastin in a Peptide Matrix that’s also going to support firmer looking skin.
  4. It imparts incredible hydration thanks to the power of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe which are natural, moisturizing properties.
  5. It doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky or tacky like most thick moisturizers do. It quickly and easily absorbs into the skin so it won’t prevent you from putting on your skinny jeans.

Like I said in my last post about Nerium International, based on my experience, I really trust this brand. They don’t have outrageous marketing claims, they back up their claims with clinical results and they also have really impressive actual customer result pictures on their website.

Use this lotion twice daily, best after a warm shower or before bed and massage it into trouble areas for 20 seconds or until fully absorbed. The product is $90 if you do a monthly auto subscription or $120 one time purchase which is expensive for body lotion, however you only have to use it on your trouble spots (aka thighs, butt, stomach, upper arms, etc.) and I truly believe you can bargain shop your fashion but not usually your skin. Take care of your skin with Nerium International!

Special thank you to Nerium International for letting me try so many of their amazing products! This is definitely a brand I will continue to use!

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