My Hair-Intervention with The Mae Salon

I have a confession, I was recently in a hair funk. It was an awful time in my life. I didn’t know what to do with my hair, and no amount of Pinterest searching was fixing it. I wanted to grow it out, I wanted to cut it short. I wanted to lighten it up, I wanted to keep it dark. My hair was quite frankly boring me. So let’s just say when The Mae Salon reached out to me to come experience #TheMaeWay I knew it had to be destiny.

The Mae Salon is located in SoBro (that’s what the hipsters told me to call it) also known as South Broad Ripple. It’s a cute, growing arts district in Indianapolis. It also happens to be where I call home. So if you’re going to judge a salon by it’s area, then The Mae gets 5 stars People, it’s literally right next to Patachou and across from Hubbards & Cravens. I don’t think the salon could be more perfectly located. Now let’s talk about inside the salon. Umm… hello, beautiful. I wanted to take EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE AND DECOR HOME! I’m not being dramatic.

Finally, let’s talk about the vibe and the stylists. Everyone in there is so so so so sweet! I just felt happy being in the salon. Everyone is also incredibly adorable. I wanted every stylist to be my friend, and I wanted Kayla (she did my hair) to be my BFF. Ironically I met Kayla years ago at a friend’s party (we recalled this while my foil set) and one of the first words I spoke to her (probably before hello) was that I was obsessed with her hair. Hello, destiny.

Kayla asked what I wanted to do with my hair and I felt like I was three glasses of wine in and trying to explain what I wanted – it just wasn’t translating, or so I thought. I finally just told my new BFF to do what she wanted! After all I had a girl crush on her and the salon. Let me just say, I wasn’t disappointed. After all Kayla had been my best friend for 2 hours, so she gets me. 😉

So what do you do with this information? First, follow The Mae Salon and Kayla on IG for tons of GORGEOUS hairspiration. Then, call and make your appointment (or conveniently book online). If you get your hair done at The Mae Salon tag me in your photo on IG, I want to see your hott self!

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