My Favorite Target Romper

I just spent an amazing week in Cocoa Beach, Florida with my mom’s side of the family. If you saw any of my InstaStories you got a glimpse of my weird, amazing family! My time off from work is coming to an end (BRB crying) but at least I still get the joy of sharing my vacation looks. I know you’re dying to see what I wore! Side note: if you haven’t picked up on my sarcasm yet this is awkward.

Let’s get a few things out in the open… It was incredibly windy when I took these pictures, hence the reason I am holding my crazy hair in nearly every photo. Also, one of the reasons I love maxi rompers so much is because it looks like I’m wearing a cape and when I walk it I feel like Darth Vader. Okay, back to fashion.

After my last post on saving money at Target, I had a couple questions that I thought could be helpful to bring up!

  1. What is Target’s Juniors section? When you shop Target online an outfit might be labeled “Juniors” but it isn’t like the juniors section of a department store. You won’t see a huge difference in the size or style. The Target “juniors” section is the area of clothing that is typically right when you walk in the store aka closests to the swimsuits. So don’t get caught up on the “Juniors” label, buy your normal size.
  2. How do I know what size to chose when shopping online? The size I wear at Target is the same size I typically wear at any other store. From what I’ve experienced, Target has pretty consistent sizing. I almost always wear a small shirt in Target. Occasionally certain styles, and fabrics will affect my size but that’s usually an exception.
  3. Is that clothing piece comfortable? If it’s on my blog, it’s comfortable! I don’t like a fabric, fit or style that isn’t enjoyable to wear.

Hopefully these tips help! If you ever have any questions, comment on my blog or IG post and I’m happy help answer. After all, it’s why I’m here!

Romper: Target | Shoes: Target

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