Lola Blue the Cutest Little Boutique in Broad Ripple

I love Indianapolis! It’s had my heart since I arrived on the Butler Campus. Actually, wait… I fell in love with it when I came to Indianapolis in high school to hear Kelly Clarkson at the State Fair. Before the concert we went to the circle and it seemed soooo over whelming, now I know downtown like the back of my hand and could tell you all the best parking garages to go pop a bottle of champs on the top level and take some amazing city scape pictures.

Okay, to the point Indianapolis has some amaaaaaazing local goodies. From our restaurants to boutiques, Indianapolis is a hidden gem of a city. About 20 minutes outside of downtown is the adorable art district of Broad Ripple and in the heart of Broad Ripple is this new adorable boutique called Lola Blue. When you visit my hidden gem Indianapolis, you need to stop and meet Lola! I tagged Lola on my Instagram so you can follow their gorgeousness!

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