Introducing Velvet into Your Wardrobe this Fall

The 90s are back, and I’m not totally certain how I feel about it. The other day I went INSIDE A MALL, I was desperate for something to wear to the Pattern Magazine launch party. Surprisingly malls are not always my favorite place to go… so. many. people. Anyway, I walked into Forever 21 and there was velvet EVERYWHERE. Shoes, dresses, chokers, shirts. I don’t even remember wearing that much velvet in the 90s, other than my sweet Juicy Couture knock off sweats that read HOTTIE or something on the butt. Embarrassing. Anyway, so I skimmed the racks of Forever 21 and Target and settled on an entire velvet ensemble. Too much? Maybe, but I think I like it.

Also, learn more about Pattern Magazine! It’s an amazing local Indianapolis magazine that features and connects local artists, blogger and more. Just another reason to love, love this city! Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare and I went to the party and had a great night filled with too much wine. Naturally. Check out her look too!

Dress: Forever 21 |Dress Option 2: Forever 21 | Dress Option 3: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 1: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 2: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 3: Forever 21 | Clutch: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target

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