How I Got My Confidence Back with Rodan + Fields


I have a confession, I’m reaching the end of my 20s and I’m starting to panic about my skin. I’ve always had fairly good skin, but lately it’s been freaking out (I’m talking red bumps, large pores, and dullness). I feel anxious looking in the mirror as my eyes go straight to the trouble zones. When I apply makeup it looks dull and cakey because I tend to layer it on in attempt to cover all of my trouble zones. I think everyone can identify with similar feelings of insecurity. Orrrr maybe it’s just me?! Needless to say when a Rodan + Fields consultant reached out to me to try a skincare line, I was more excited than getting a match immediately after a right swipe (yup, that was a Tinder joke).

I started out by talking to my dermatology grade skin care consultant, Charity (information below) and answered a few questions to determine the kit that would be able to address my trouble spots. Rodan + Fields has four clinical grade regimens: one for sensitive skin and redness, one for acne treatment, one for sun damage and dullness, and their flagship regimen for aging! I was recommended the Reverse kit, a regimen for the appearance of brown spots, dullness and discoloration. The products make skin care stress free because they’re labeled in numerical order. My kit includes: Step 1 Deep Exfoliating Wash, Step 2 Intensive Brightening Toner, Step 3 Dual Active Brightening Complex and Step 4 Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen.


Now that we’re on the same page, here is my my story and progress!

First Use:

  • I LOVE the smell and the feel of the wash. It smelled so amazing that I actually washed my face for 30(ish) seconds. Usually I’m in such a hurry that I wash and rinse my face within 10 seconds (max), but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of using this wash. My skin also felt SO FREAKING SOFT after. Like seriously, so soft.
  • After the first full regimen my skin felt hydrated but not greasy. It was the perfect skin care base to put on under my makeup. Typically I get frustrated with moisturizers as they are either too thick and make my makeup looks greasy, or too thin that my face is still screaming for hydration.
  • I immediately felt like the red bumps I am dealing with were visibly better. I felt like the ingredients in the products were able to at least calm the redness.

First Three-to-Four Days:

  • I am serious when I say this but I feel like my skin is coming to life again! I loved the results and experience of washing my face so much that I actually get excited to do my skin care routine. It’s like when you’ve hit the jackpot at Forever 21 and every piece you try on is perfect and you can’t try on the next piece fast enough.
  • My red bumps, dry patches and blemishes are VISIBLY getting better.

First Week:

  • After one week of use, seriously one week, my face is getting it’s glow back, my red bumps are almost gone and my face is smoother.
  • Not only is my skin better, but when I apply make-up it actually goes on easier and stays on longer, it’s as though the Rodan + Fields Reverse regime has restored the perfect balance of hydration to my skin.

Over all, I am incredibly happy with this skin care routine and the results. I highly recommend Rodan + Feilds, and I believe this company is worth trying no matter your skin care issues! This picture below is of me FOUNDATION FREE. I just posted a picture, on the internet with lip gloss and my lashes. Bloody miracle.


If you’re interested in learning more, contact Charity Rupp, a dermatology grade skin care consultant, to determine the best skin regimen for YOU! Save 10% and receive a free gift with any regimen purchased in the month of September. Not to mention she’s just the SWEETEST!

She can be reached via email at OR call/text 740-360-4321.



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