Girls Night Out with Make Me Chic

I love to shop and I love getting new clothes! I love it so much that I do it wayyyy too much, so unless I’m purchasing a staple piece I prefer to buy less expensive items. I would much rather buy several less expensive shirts as opposed to one or two expensive ones. So I appreciate and adore shopping at online boutiques like Make Me Chic that offer stylish, quality items at an affordable price (and it helps that they seem to always be offering a promo).

When I saw this unitard from Make Me Chic I knew it would be perfect for a girls’ night out! Unitard/onesies/whatever these things are called are one of my favorite fashion pieces right now. They perfectly show off a woman’s curves and make me instantly feel more confident. It is also a bonus that this particular one that I’m wearing below is only $12.99 and you get free shipping with a purchase of $39!

My first experience with Make Me Chic was overall really positive. The piece is a great quality, it’s not the cheap/itchy material that you fear you’ll get when you purchase something “less expensive”. Also, the sizing is pretty true to size. I ordered a size bigger than normal (which I typically do when purchasing online for the first time) and the piece feels a little bigger than normal. Next time I’ll definitely order true to my size.

A HUGE thank you to my girl Katie for taking these photos for me!!! You’re the best.

Skirt: Forever 21 | Lips: LipSense | Shirt: Make Me Chic | Eye Colors: Laura Mercier

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