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I love lip color. It can instantly make you look more exotic and dramatic (in a good way, not a Real Housewives way). What I don’t like about lip color is how annoying it is to constantly reapply. Lipstick can be like a needy boyfriend that can’t get enough attention, and let’s be real – no girl wants that.

So when a Lipsense consultant reached out to me, I was excited to give this lip stain a try! I’ll be honest though, I figured it would be like my last Bumble date…. Good for the first hour but then dull. I tease, I tease. The date was good for the first hour and 20 minutes. 😉 But I was wrong, Lipsense far exceeded my expectations! First, it lasts FOREVER (forever as in all day). I only needed to apply the lip stain once and then throughout the day I applied more clear gloss to layer on top.

I will say that application is very tricky until you get the hang of it, but hopefully my tips below will help!

Tips for Application:

  1. Shake the lip stain really well before applying.
  2. Wipe the tip of the applicator off on the inside of the tube to help apply an even amount.
  3. Apply in one direction and give each application 3-5 seconds to dry.
  4. Apply a swipe down the center of your lip, the water line (inner side of lip) and then turn the brush upside down to line the lip.
  5. Apply at least three, thick coats.
  6. Give the stain a good 5 seconds to dry and then apply the clear coat.

Here are two of my favorite colors, She La La (top) and Berry (bottom). I’m SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with Berry!



When you first purchase Lipsense you will want to buy a kit for $55. A kit comes with the stain, a corrector (to remove stain outside your lip line) and a clear gloss. Each individual stain color is $25. It may seem a little pricey compared to mass retail lip color, but in the end you can save money because you’re only applying once a day!

By the time I received this Lipsense, my mom had also tried it and decided to start selling it. If you’re interested in purchasing it for yourself, you can contact her! Don’t worry, she isn’t a pushy sales person – she just simply loves this lipstick!

Contact Stephanie at

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