Fave 5 Lip Colors

I’ve been entertaining the idea of starting a YouTube channel for a while now and thanks to two of my favorite Indy bloggers, that I’ve developed quite the friendship and I have a major bloggy crush on, I’ve finally launched my channel! Ahhhh…. The nerves! Don’t judge me people, don’t judge me.

I’m really excited to partner with my girls (the same ones mentioned above) Brittney of The Pretty Plus and Kelli of Big Hair & Foodie Fare to post a weekly YouTube video of our 5 Fave *insert make-up here* so each week you can view my video then head over to Brittney and Kelli’s YouTube channels to view theirs! You’re going to have soooo many new makeup trends to try, your Wednesdays just got so magical. You’re welcome.

Our first 5 Fave video is all about lips! Lip colors are such a fun way to spice up any outfit! It is the perfect way to complete your elegant look for a night out, or the best way to sass up your basic tee.

Below are the lip colors I talk about, but watch my YouTube video for the full details!

Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil – Fearless, $20

Rimmel London – Tower of Mauve, $5.49

Rimmel London – Red Alert, $5.39

Nu Color – Berry Glaze, $17

Mac – Matte Smoked Purple, $17

Watch Brittney’s video and Kelli’s videos too!

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