Fave 5 Blushes for Every Makeup Routine


I love blush! Whoever said that blush went out in the 1980s clearly doesn’t understand and appreciate the beauty of adding a little color to complete your makeup look. Personally, I think blush is what makes makeup appear “real”.

Tarte – Flushed, $28

Sephora – Passionate #23, $15

Stili Style Blush Stick – Bitter Sweet, $7.95

How About Them Apples – Pallet, $32

Tints & Sass Lip and Cheek Stain, $23

Be sure to check out my girl, Brittney’s (The Pretty Plus), fave 5 blushes as well! Her skin tone is much different than mine, so between the two of us you’ll have many different options for a range of skin tones! Watch her video here! Do yourself a favor and follow her blog and Instagram, she’ll quickly become one of your favorite people too!

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