Fall, Plaid and Star Wars

I am geek. If you regularly read my blog or follow me on social media this probably is no surprise to you as I’ve been known to reference sci-fi movies/books. I’m sorry if my references go over your head, Muggles. (Yes, that was me doing it again.)

Naturally when I found this Star Wars shirt at Target it was instant love, and I knew we’d be together forever. (If only I could feel this way on a first date!) This shopping experience was truly magical because no sooner did I find this amazing Star Wars shirt did I find this fabulous plaid shirt to layer over it. No, you can’t own too many plaid shirts. If you’re not a sci-fi geek like me, you can layer a solid tee or any graphic tee under your plaid. This look makes for a casual chic way to run your weekend errands! I hope you’re falling in love with plaid this fall too. May the force be with you!

Check out my pretty friend Kelli who blogs for Big Fair & Foodie Fare to see how she styles plaid and her Star Wars apparel. Kelli is not only incredibly stylish, but her blog has super tasty recipes! She’s pretty and she cooks – sorry guys, she’s taken!

The photos at the bottom are for those of you who aren’t experiencing the beauty of an Indiana fall. It’s breath taking.

IMG_9992 IMG_9991 IMG_0004IMG_9987

Star Wars Shirt: Target | Plaid Shirt: Target | Jeans: Miss Me (similar) | Sneakers: Target

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