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It’s wedding season! Well, technically when you’re in your mid 20s to 30s it’s pretty much always wedding season. I get asked a lot about proper wedding attire, particularly how to know when to dress more formal. Since I’m pretty much an expert on attending weddings (because all my friends are getting married and I’m over here like HI) I wanted to share some helpful tips that I’ve learned over the years.

Five Questions to Consider when Dressing for a Wedding: 

  1. What time does the wedding start? Typically the later in the day the wedding begins, the more formal it will be. So a 7:00 pm wedding will require more formal attire than a 4:00 pm wedding unless specifically stated.
  2. Where is the wedding?  If the wedding is in a hotel or a “fancier” venue then it’s likely going to be more formal. Essentially you’re dressing to match the formality of the venue.
  3. What is the bride and groom’s style. Does the bride typically wear Converse sneaks and a ball cap? Would the groom even know where to rent a tux? Usually a girl who only wears heels isn’t going to have a backyard BBQ wedding. A wedding is a reflection of the couple’s style.
  4. Can I wear a white(ish) dress? You would think this is an obvious one but I’m shocked at the excuses I hear. It’s my cousin… The bride wouldn’t care… It’s off white/cream… There is a pattern… Here is the answer, IT DOESN’T MATTER! It’s one day, respect the bride.
  5. Do I need to bring a suit jacket? I feel like most guys are always trying to find an excuse to not wear a jacket. My answer, always bring one. Sit in the car for a minute and scope out some of the guests. If no one else is wearing a jacket, you’re free to go sans coat. If they are, don’t be that guy and don’t wine to your significant other about it unless you’re also wearing Spanx and 4 inch heels.

Ladies, for your next wedding, bridal shower or summer event check out eShakti.com. You can literally customize every item on their site from the length of the skirt, to the type of sleeves to ADDING POCKETS. I customized this piece from a long skirt and it just might be the girliest outfit I own. My mom tells me all the time to act like a lady, but at least in this outfit I can look the part here!

If you don’t walk in your back alley with champagne then you’re not doing it right. Thank you, Kelli from Big Hair and Foodie Fare for these photos!

Skirt & Top: eShakti | Shoes: Similar | Lip Color: LipSense | Photos: Big Hair and Foodie Fare

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