Custom Teeth Whitening System for Wine Lovers

Let’s get real about something, I love wine. When I say I love wine I mean I drink at least a glass of red wine practically every night. Stop judging me, it’s healthy for my heart! While red wine may be good for my heart, it’s not so great for my teeth. The more I drink red wine, the duller and less white my teeth have become. Which is NOT ok, especially with all the fun lip colors I’ve been wearing. So I was really excited to collaborate with and try an at home teeth whitening kit.

I love Smile Brilliant for a couple reasons…

  1. You get a custom whitening tray. You make an impression of your teeth at home aka you don’t have to put on pants and go to the dentist. Then simply send in your impressions and within 5 business days of Smile Brilliant receiving your them you’ll get custom fit whitening trays. There are many benefits to custom fit whitening trays, but most importantly they make sure you acheive optimal whitening results! Which this wino appreciates!
  2. The company provides helpful information to support you through your whitening process. If you’re questioning whether or not to purchase, they have a really helpful FAQ section on their website. Personally, I found it helpful to read the section about sensitivity and teeth whitening!
  3. You don’t have to use an LED light. I like this simply because it makes it easier to whiten wherever you are. If I’m going to dinner, I’ll bring my whitening kit with me to start whitening on my drive home! Curious to know if whitening will actually work without a LED light? I thought you were. It does.
  4. They’re vegan and cruelty free whitening. Which is great, but I also love that you can read a breakdown of the ingredients on their website.

Overall, I am so happy with my results! AND I had very minimum tooth sensitivity. But hey; you don’t have to take just my word for you, you can read teeth whitening reviews like mine like mind! Or check out my pictures below. Yes, I’m bragging about my white teeth right now.

The picture on my right is my “before” photo. I have always had fairly white teeth but my constant coffee for breakfast and red wine for dinner had taken away some of the white shine. I am much happier with my smile in the photo on the left now that I have used the Smile Brilliant whitening kit!










Outfit 1: eShakti | Outfit 2: Target | Teeth Whitening System: Smile Brilliant

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