Creating a Moment

I have to be honest, I’ve never been a “give me flowers” kind of girl. In fact, a guy brought me flowers once on a date and I didn’t know what to do with them. Excuse me for a second while I climb up on my counter and see if I put a vase in one of these cabinets I can’t reach. Or I get flowers sent to me… I have to water them, add in some green Splenda (that’s what it looks like anyway) and eventually I end up killing them in roughly 72 hours.

All of that to say, Deluxe Flowerbox has changed my mind! Why? I’m so glad you asked…

  1. The floral arrangements are created in the CUTEST containers! The pink box on my desk in the last picture actually had flowers in it and now it’s literally decoration in my home.
  2. They contain a magical foam filter that requires no effort, mine sat alive and gorgeously for almost two weeks!
  3. They’re different. When you get a Deluxe Florwerbox you’re not just getting flowers, you’re getting a memory and a moment handed to you.

Next time you want to tell someone you love them, you’re sorry or just hi do it with a Deluxe Flowerbox. And if my next boyfriend is reading this, I’d like them sent to me on the regular.




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