Create Your Own Lip Color!

Ladies, have you ever found yourself creating the same makeup look day after day? If you say no you’re either lying, a makeup artist or magic. I was recently asked to review the Idiot’s Guide to Everyday Makeup Secrets by Daniel Klingler, and I love it! I haven’t changed my makeup “look” much over the past several years. Occasionally, I will try a new trend like bold lips or winged eyeliner, but I always revert back to my “comfort zone”. I enjoyed this book because it takes the basics of makeup application and helps you use them in a new way! You can purchase your copy here!

In the book Daniel advises to melt your lipstick into a contact lens case to create your own lip pallet. Brilliant! You can easily travel with multiple colors and you don’t have to fear that your favorite tube of lipstick will melt in the sun! I decided to take Daniel’s tip and mix two of my favorite shades together – I now have three lipstick colors for the price of one! Here is how you do it…

Step 1: Purchase two different lipstick shades and a contact lens case or plastic pill case.


Step 2: Cut off half of each lipstick and begin melting on a spoon over a candle. Worry not, your spoon will clean!


Step 3: As the lipstick melts, stir it with a toothpick. It’s so PRETTY!


Step 4: Pour the melted lipstick into your container of choice and let it cool. I put mine in the refrigerator for roughly 10 minutes.


Step 5: Enjoy your new lipstick (which I recommend to apply with a q-tip)! When someone asks where you purchased that fabulous shade of lipstick, you can tell them it’s a fashionately YOU original. Go you! This is my wearing my creation!



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