Contouring 101 – Fave 5 Bronzers, Contouring & Highlighting Products

Contouring with makeup can be very overwhelming! Not to mention you have to layer 10 products on your face and add an additional 30 minutes to your makeup routing. Ain’t no body got time for that! So allow me to show you a way to contour in minutes! This week on my Fave 5 Series with the beautiful Brittney of The Pretty Plus we’re talking our Fave 5 Bronzers, Contouring and Highlighting Products! To help you out, I also included this lovely mug shot to show you where to apply your contouring and highlighting products.Watch my video below and then click over to Brittney’s channel to view her Fave 5 products too!

IMPORTANT: You must blend the products in when complete, you don’t want to leave the house actually looking like my picture below. It’s just for guidance.

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