The Perfect Fall Sweater from She Is Boutique

Cuffing season is here. I can’t believe that’s seriously a term and I can’t believe I’m seriously writing about it. For those of you who don’t know what cuffing seasons is, it’s when the weather gets cold and people want someone to cuddle so they’re “tied down” or cuffed to one person. Side note: I HATE the word cuddle unless you’re referring to a baby, puppy or bottle of wine. There is something very odd about hearing a grown man tell me he wants to cuddle. I digress. I don’t take part in the traditional cuffing season, instead I allow myself to be held by a soft, warm, fuzzy sweater. And this one from She Is Boutique is definitely worth cuffing!

Side note: I get a lot of questions about where I get my lacy bralettes and She is Boutique has quite a few cute ones like the one I’m wearing here.

I wore this beauty on my WISH TV Indy Style segment, if you didn’t see it you can watch it here!

Sweater: She Is Boutique | Bralette: She Is Boutique | Skirt: Target | Boots: Target (similar)| Target: Boots (similar)

Introducing Velvet into Your Wardrobe this Fall

The 90s are back, and I’m not totally certain how I feel about it. The other day I went INSIDE A MALL, I was desperate for something to wear to the Pattern Magazine launch party. Surprisingly malls are not always my favorite place to go… so. many. people. Anyway, I walked into Forever 21 and there was velvet EVERYWHERE. Shoes, dresses, chokers, shirts. I don’t even remember wearing that much velvet in the 90s, other than my sweet Juicy Couture knock off sweats that read HOTTIE or something on the butt. Embarrassing. Anyway, so I skimmed the racks of Forever 21 and Target and settled on an entire velvet ensemble. Too much? Maybe, but I think I like it.

Also, learn more about Pattern Magazine! It’s an amazing local Indianapolis magazine that features and connects local artists, blogger and more. Just another reason to love, love this city! Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare and I went to the party and had a great night filled with too much wine. Naturally. Check out her look too!

Dress: Forever 21 |Dress Option 2: Forever 21 | Dress Option 3: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 1: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 2: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 3: Forever 21 | Clutch: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target

High Waist Pants from Shein

I LOVE THESE PANTS! I’m seriously so in love with these Shein pants. Tuck in a shirt and they’re perfect for work, or sport a crop top and it’s perfect for girls night. They’re also incredibly comfortable.

And these shoes, no words needed. My mom will hate them, but I love them so much. I can’t wait to wear them with a dress too. So. Much. Love.

Purchasing Tip: I don’t have a good reference to say if these Shein pants run big or small. So I’ll explain the fit. Oddly, the tightest portion is the calf area. I typically wear a size 6 pants, or a 27/28 waist and I’m wearing a medium. Per normal with Shein, if in doubt I always suggest to size up!

Pants: Shein | Top: Shein Option 1 | Top: Shein Option 2 | Top: Shein Option 3 | Shoes: Shein Option | Shoes: Target (actual)

Jumpsuit with a Slit from Plum Pretty Sugar

I love a good romper and trust me, I’ll wear them all fall and winter long. I’ll also be rocking pant rompers aka jumpsuits alllll fall and winter long. They’re just so effortlessly cute and easy! This jumpsuit is from Plum Pretty Sugar and I’m loving these stripes ladies!

Buying Tip: Buy up a size (or two if you got a donk like me). This fabric is fairly thin (not see through thin) but the more loosely it hangs the more flattering it will be! Use the code HAPPYSHIPPING for free shipping from Plum Pretty Sugar!

Check out this romper at other Plum Pretty Sugar from on my Maven board!

The 2017 Liz Alig Fall Line

Summer is coming to an end, and fall is just around the corner. I love when the leaves start to turn and the smell of bonfires is constantly in the air. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. So I am super excited to tell you about the new Liz Alig fall line.

Liz Alig is an Indianapolis based designer whose designs are made by women in developing countries so they’re able to make a fair living to support furthering their education, sending their kids to school and more! The message and values behind this brand is amazing. You’re not only getting a gorgeous piece but you’re little doing good for others. Shopping has never been more life changing. Literally.

If you visit her website you might recognize someone (aka me) being a human hanger. 🙂

Outfit 1: Dress, Scarf | Outfit 2: Black Dress | Outfit 3: Sweater |Outfit 4: Apron| Outfit 4: Jacket, Shirt

Target does Palazzo Pants

I love palazzo pants. They’re like fancy sweats that are work and date night appropriate (LOL to me actually going on a date). When it comes to palazzo pants I have a few tips and tricks for styling them.

  1. Choose your top wisely. Add a little structure with a fitted top or a looser top that you tuck in, this will prevent you from looking frumpy.
  2. Choose a pattern wisely. Palazzo pants are designed to be big, from the loose fit to the long hem. I have a little booty problem, so I prefer to find patterns like vertical stripes or black prints to make them a little more flattering on my donk.
  3. Choose your shoes wisely. In these pictures I slipped on my favorite slides, but in retrospect I should’ve added a little wedge to them. That would’ve made my legs appear longer and prevented the pants from dragging so much. But what can I say, I like the comfort.

Don’t let your shape or fear of something new prevent you from at least trying them on. Walk your cute booty into Target and try these babes on!

Palazzo Pants: Target | Top: Option 1 | Top: Option 2 | Clutch: Tory Burch (similar) 

Meet Plum Pretty Sugar

This backless dress makes me feel like I’m the “obviously single” girl at a classy tea party. Is anyone else getting that vibe? If I don’t show part of my skin then how is the cute server going to know he can slip me his number? Okay, back to reality.

I’m loving Plum Pretty Sugar, they have the girliest pieces and I love how feminine I feel. Trust me, pink isn’t usually my first color choice but I’m really liking this soft blush.

Sizing: I am a 34 B (C on a really good day) Bra *GASP* and this Small just fit my chest area, so keep that in mind if you’re more blessed than me. Over all, I feel like this fits 1/2 size small.

Promo Code: Use HAPPYSHIPPING for free domestic shipping and HAPPYINTSHIP for free international shipping.

Dress: Plum Pretty Sugar | Jacket: Shein | Wristlet: Tory Burch (similar) | Bracelet: Tory Burch (similar)

Pictures by Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare

Off the Shoulder with Make Me Chic

You all know that I love From the pricing to the styles, it’s a great website to find affordable fashion. My latest find from Make Me Chic is this flowy off the shoulder! I love it for summer, but it’ll also be perfect for fall with a pair of jeans. So don’t fret that it’s too late in the season for an off the shoulder because shoulders can be shown all year long!

Also it’s red, white and blue so if you need a top for for Labor Day – I got you girl.

With Make Me Chic I usually recommend purchasing a size up, but this top is pretty loose and flowy so buy true to size unless you’re between sizes they buy up!

Lola Blue the Cutest Little Boutique in Broad Ripple

I love Indianapolis! It’s had my heart since I arrived on the Butler Campus. Actually, wait… I fell in love with it when I came to Indianapolis in high school to hear Kelly Clarkson at the State Fair. Before the concert we went to the circle and it seemed soooo over whelming, now I know downtown like the back of my hand and could tell you all the best parking garages to go pop a bottle of champs on the top level and take some amazing city scape pictures.

Okay, to the point Indianapolis has some amaaaaaazing local goodies. From our restaurants to boutiques, Indianapolis is a hidden gem of a city. About 20 minutes outside of downtown is the adorable art district of Broad Ripple and in the heart of Broad Ripple is this new adorable boutique called Lola Blue. When you visit my hidden gem Indianapolis, you need to stop and meet Lola! I tagged Lola on my Instagram so you can follow their gorgeousness!

Indy Style and Lola Blue

Guys, let me tell you that this segment of Indy Style wasn’t my best, so be kind. 🙂 I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it’s starting to show in more ways than my foggy brain and lack of energy! Luckily the products I talked about are making me look a little more refreshed than I feel. (Scroll to bottom for video.)

I’m going to GUSH about Lola Blue, a new boutique in Broad Ripple, Indiana (Indianapolis), on my next post but for now HOW CUTE IS THIS DRESS from Lola? I feel so girly in pink. Like I should be invited to a tea party girly. But I wasn’t, so now I’m going to go drink some wine. PS Lola Blue doesn’t have a website yet, so if you’re local to Indy I’ll tag them on my Instagram post.