Tips for Dressing on a Date

I’ve decided that 2018 is the year I say yes to going on dates. Blind dates, Bumble dates, set-up dates… Because why not? The good news is, I’m going to blog about them (no, I won’t name names) for your entertainment. These poor guys have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. *evil grin*

The point of me telling you this, it’s not just to tantalize your curiosity about my dating life, but let’s talk about what to wear on a date. First off, dating WOOF – if I’m going to have to sit at a table with a guy that looks WAY different than his picture, talks for 30 minutes about a spreadsheet or shows up drunk (yes those are all true stories) then I at least better comfortable.

I have three rules when dressing for a date. 

  1. Be comfortable. I don’t want to be constantly worrying if my strapless bra is going to fall off, or if my butt crack is hanging out of my skinny jeans while I’m trying desperately to not punch the guy who literally just ordered for me (again, true story).
  2. Be stylish, but approachable. This is a personal opinion, but I don’t wear the trendy outfit I would wear on girls night for a first date. I don’t need a guy knowing I’m high maintenance at the beginning, I like to let that slowly slip in. *evil grin again*
  3. Be confident. I have like three outfits that I just rotate for dates. I dream of the day I have to get a fourth one because it means I’m finally going on a fourth date. That’ll be the day I call my momma and tell her I’m finally getting wifed up!

I like this dress for dates because I can layer it underneath a sweater and it’s sooo comfortable. Not to mention the v-neck adds just a bit of “ooo la la”.

Sweater: Target | Dress: Lola Blu Boutique | Boots: Target

Pearls and Lace

I’m officially one week into meal prepping, eating countless amount of protein, and living at the gym. Next thing you know I’ll be walking around with a water gallon, wearing one of the belly-belt things and grunting while I bench press. But for now, I’m going to continue lifting the kiddie weights. It’s amazing how just one week of putting your health and fitness first can make you feel almost like a new person. Maybe by the time I get through all my photos from 2017 photos shoots you won’t even recognize me with all my muscles (said: mus-cles)? That made me lol.

Take note of the gorgeous wrap bracelets (that you might’ve seen on my story) by Victoria Emerson. I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! With my Victoria Emerson bracelets of course. The combination of pearly and lace certainly makes a girl feel classy.

Shirt: Target Option 1 ; Option 2 ; Option 3 | Clutch: Anthropologie | Bracelets: Victoria Emerson

Shopping with a Wine Buzz

Over time I’ve developed a problem of drinking too much wine and then online shopping. What’s the problem you ask? The problem is, whenever I do this I tend to order clothes that are a little more risqué than I would normally wear. In my happy wine buzz state I convince myself that I need to dress more “sexy”. PSA: I AM NOT SEXY. Like I just can’t be. I’m far too awkward.

This habbit started all started when I was dumped (whatever) and decided I needed to make him regret his decision. So, I ordered a bunch of “revealing” clothing in my wine induced state while I watched and quoted one of my all time favorite movies, The Wedding Planner. I would like to say this was a low moment for me but I’m not ashamed.

All of this to say, my white unitard was something I ordered after half a bottle of wine. Don’t judge me, we all have our vices.

Jeans: American Eagle | Sweater: Target | Shirt: Forever 21 | Hat: Lola Blue | Sunnies: Lola Blue

New Year, New Me

Happy 2018! I know, I know I’m a few days late. By now all the funny “new year, same me” memes have been seen, you’ve likely decided that most of your resolutions are too extreme and you’re now counting down the days until warmer weather.

For me, 2017 was a learning and growing year. I grew, I made mistakes, I learned lessons and now I’m ready for a new year. So while I’m sure you’re dying to know all my New Year resolutions (yes, I am that girl that makes resolutions) I want to share with you the ones that could effect you!

  1. I spent time this past year exploring the dating scene more than ever, and let me tell you GROSS. Dating today is awful, and I’m far too old for the games. So this year I’m going to focus on meeting a man, not waiting around for boys. You’ll see this in my writings because naturally as I experience these boys in adult clothing, I’m going to be blogging about them.
  2. I shared with you earlier that this year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and to help get my health back on track I’m working out with a personal trainer. So be prepared to be annoyed more health and fitness blogs!
  3. I put my blog on the back burner this year due to my personal life. As I mentioned, this year was such a year of growth and change for me. I learned more about myself than I thought possible, I experienced so much life (good and bad). I’ve learned that even though I’m crazy and want to be a rebel, I’ll always be a “goody goody” and that’s okay. I’ll be explaining what this means more this year through more personal blog posts (which will take a solid bottle of wine to get the nerve to post).

Over all, I’m excited for 2018 and I can’t wait to see what it entails. Do you have any New Year resolutions?

Also, I took these photos WAY back in 2017 and didn’t like them. So new me is okay with only posting one pic of old me. Outfit details below!

Skirt: Option 1 | Option: 2 | Sweater: Lola Blue | Option 2 | Boots: Option 1 | Option 1

Holiday Sparkle with Anne Klein

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WatchHowIStyle #CollectiveBias

Tis the season for holiday gathering, parties and nights filled with cheesy holiday movies. While it’s easy to throw on an ugly sweater for your cheesy holiday themed movie night, it’s not always easy to style a look for your company party or your SO’s family dinner. I don’t haven an SO, but I assume it’s not easy. So regardless of the occasion I’m here to help! The hardest part about styling a holiday event is that you don’t always know how fancy/dressy to get, so I have a few tips for styling your holiday looks!

  1. Your little black dress (LBD) is the best +1. Black dresses can be easily dressed up or down and they’re classic.
  2. Handbags are your BFF. Roughly 350 days of the year I carry a cross body or a backpack as a purse, but during the holiday season I carry a clutch or a hand bag. Not only does it easily dress up your look, but if your sparkle clutch is too much for the holiday gathering, put it in your bae’s coat (or hide under a table, not that I’ve ever done that) and you’re instantly more casual.
  3. Keep a ponytail holder and bobby pins on hand. If you feel too dressy, then put your hair in a casual pony. If you feel too casual throw your hair up in a bun. With a ponytail and a couple bobby pins a quick “trip” to the wash room will have you feeling like a whole new person.
  4. Lip color changes everything. Darker shades will usually give the appearance of a fancier look, and lighter shades appear more casual. Bring two colors and do a lip change if you feel out of place.
  5. Accessorize! When you wear an LBD, let your accessories do the talking. Plus, for security place a more casual pair of earrings in your clutch and change them out if you show up dressed for the Oscars and well, it’s not the Oscars.

Regardless of weather you FEEL too dressy, or too casual walk confidently that YOU LOOK GREAT. Who cares if your Aunt Edna asked if you’re going to “change” when you were ready. You’re gorgeous, and Santa doesn’t care.

Now let’s go back to accessories. One tip I do have is to take off your smart watch and slip on a a classy Anne Klein watch. Anne Klein watches function as gorgeous, trendy pieces of jewelry that help you arrive to that party fashionably late not embarrassingly late. Plus, they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials to fit any woman’s fashion needs. My favorite is this gorgeous 4-piece Rose gold tone watch and bracelet set. Not only do you get a bracelet watch with mother of pearl dial but you also get 3 bracelets all featuring unique designs and Swarovski crystals. It’s gorgeous for you, or a perfect option for holiday a gift as all pieces come in a beautifully branded box. Plus, the bracelets can be mixed and matched. I picked up this beauty at Macy’s or you can purchase online or by hovering over & clicking on the last image! If you have a fear of the mall at Christmas time, worry not Macy’s jewelry is organized like a dream – just look for the Anne Klein counter!

A Winter Crop Top from RomWe

It’s too cold for a crop top. They say.

You’re too old for a crop top. They say.

You should be 100 pounds to wear a crop top. They say.

I don’t know who “they” are but they are wrong. I’m wearing this crop top and THEY can deal. When styling a crop top, keep it classy. You don’t need to bare your entire mid section, do wear high wasted pants and keep your head high because YOU LOOK GOOD GIRL. I like this crop top from RomWe because it’s actually a thick enough material that you don’t see right through it.

I bought these jeans from RomWe too and I sadly misjudged the sizing so they don’t fit properly, but they are the CUTEST. When you order these GORGEOUS bottoms, buy 2 sizes bigger than you normally would.

Shirt: RomWe | Pants: RomWe | Sweater: Target

The Perfect Fall Sweater from She Is Boutique

Cuffing season is here. I can’t believe that’s seriously a term and I can’t believe I’m seriously writing about it. For those of you who don’t know what cuffing seasons is, it’s when the weather gets cold and people want someone to cuddle so they’re “tied down” or cuffed to one person. Side note: I HATE the word cuddle unless you’re referring to a baby, puppy or bottle of wine. There is something very odd about hearing a grown man tell me he wants to cuddle. I digress. I don’t take part in the traditional cuffing season, instead I allow myself to be held by a soft, warm, fuzzy sweater. And this one from She Is Boutique is definitely worth cuffing!

Side note: I get a lot of questions about where I get my lacy bralettes and She is Boutique has quite a few cute ones like the one I’m wearing here.

I wore this beauty on my WISH TV Indy Style segment, if you didn’t see it you can watch it here!

Sweater: She Is Boutique | Bralette: She Is Boutique | Skirt: Target | Boots: Target (similar)| Target: Boots (similar)

Introducing Velvet into Your Wardrobe this Fall

The 90s are back, and I’m not totally certain how I feel about it. The other day I went INSIDE A MALL, I was desperate for something to wear to the Pattern Magazine launch party. Surprisingly malls are not always my favorite place to go… so. many. people. Anyway, I walked into Forever 21 and there was velvet EVERYWHERE. Shoes, dresses, chokers, shirts. I don’t even remember wearing that much velvet in the 90s, other than my sweet Juicy Couture knock off sweats that read HOTTIE or something on the butt. Embarrassing. Anyway, so I skimmed the racks of Forever 21 and Target and settled on an entire velvet ensemble. Too much? Maybe, but I think I like it.

Also, learn more about Pattern Magazine! It’s an amazing local Indianapolis magazine that features and connects local artists, blogger and more. Just another reason to love, love this city! Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare and I went to the party and had a great night filled with too much wine. Naturally. Check out her look too!

Dress: Forever 21 |Dress Option 2: Forever 21 | Dress Option 3: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 1: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 2: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 3: Forever 21 | Clutch: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target

High Waist Pants from Shein

I LOVE THESE PANTS! I’m seriously so in love with these Shein pants. Tuck in a shirt and they’re perfect for work, or sport a crop top and it’s perfect for girls night. They’re also incredibly comfortable.

And these shoes, no words needed. My mom will hate them, but I love them so much. I can’t wait to wear them with a dress too. So. Much. Love.

Purchasing Tip: I don’t have a good reference to say if these Shein pants run big or small. So I’ll explain the fit. Oddly, the tightest portion is the calf area. I typically wear a size 6 pants, or a 27/28 waist and I’m wearing a medium. Per normal with Shein, if in doubt I always suggest to size up!

Pants: Shein | Top: Shein Option 1 | Top: Shein Option 2 | Top: Shein Option 3 | Shoes: Shein Option | Shoes: Target (actual)

Jumpsuit with a Slit from Plum Pretty Sugar

I love a good romper and trust me, I’ll wear them all fall and winter long. I’ll also be rocking pant rompers aka jumpsuits alllll fall and winter long. They’re just so effortlessly cute and easy! This jumpsuit is from Plum Pretty Sugar and I’m loving these stripes ladies!

Buying Tip: Buy up a size (or two if you got a donk like me). This fabric is fairly thin (not see through thin) but the more loosely it hangs the more flattering it will be! Use the code HAPPYSHIPPING for free shipping from Plum Pretty Sugar!

Check out this romper at other Plum Pretty Sugar from on my Maven board!