Holiday Sparkle with Anne Klein

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Tis the season for holiday gathering, parties and nights filled with cheesy holiday movies. While it’s easy to throw on an ugly sweater for your cheesy holiday themed movie night, it’s not always easy to style a look for your company party or your SO’s family dinner. I don’t haven an SO, but I assume it’s not easy. So regardless of the occasion I’m here to help! The hardest part about styling a holiday event is that you don’t always know how fancy/dressy to get, so I have a few tips for styling your holiday looks!

  1. Your little black dress (LBD) is the best +1. Black dresses can be easily dressed up or down and they’re classic.
  2. Handbags are your BFF. Roughly 350 days of the year I carry a cross body or a backpack as a purse, but during the holiday season I carry a clutch or a hand bag. Not only does it easily dress up your look, but if your sparkle clutch is too much for the holiday gathering, put it in your bae’s coat (or hide under a table, not that I’ve ever done that) and you’re instantly more casual.
  3. Keep a ponytail holder and bobby pins on hand. If you feel too dressy, then put your hair in a casual pony. If you feel too casual throw your hair up in a bun. With a ponytail and a couple bobby pins a quick “trip” to the wash room will have you feeling like a whole new person.
  4. Lip color changes everything. Darker shades will usually give the appearance of a fancier look, and lighter shades appear more casual. Bring two colors and do a lip change if you feel out of place.
  5. Accessorize! When you wear an LBD, let your accessories do the talking. Plus, for security place a more casual pair of earrings in your clutch and change them out if you show up dressed for the Oscars and well, it’s not the Oscars.

Regardless of weather you FEEL too dressy, or too casual walk confidently that YOU LOOK GREAT. Who cares if your Aunt Edna asked if you’re going to “change” when you were ready. You’re gorgeous, and Santa doesn’t care.

Now let’s go back to accessories. One tip I do have is to take off your smart watch and slip on a a classy Anne Klein watch. Anne Klein watches function as gorgeous, trendy pieces of jewelry that help you arrive to that party fashionably late not embarrassingly late. Plus, they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials to fit any woman’s fashion needs. My favorite is this gorgeous 4-piece Rose gold tone watch and bracelet set. Not only do you get a bracelet watch with mother of pearl dial but you also get 3 bracelets all featuring unique designs and Swarovski crystals. It’s gorgeous for you, or a perfect option for holiday a gift as all pieces come in a beautifully branded box. Plus, the bracelets can be mixed and matched. I picked up this beauty at Macy’s or you can purchase online or by hovering over & clicking on the last image! If you have a fear of the mall at Christmas time, worry not Macy’s jewelry is organized like a dream – just look for the Anne Klein counter!

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream the Eye Treatment you NEED

You know how we all have that one “thing” we see every day in the mirror? For me, it’s my puffy, under eye bags. I blame these little devils on my Greek heritage, and nearly constant sleep deprivation. Because this is my “thing” I’m even more picky about my under eye cream than I am about saying yes to a second date (and let me tell you I’m pretty picky about that as well). Finding a good date and a good under eye cream isn’t always an easy venture.

While I might not be able to find a guy, from the HARSHEST under eye cream critic, VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream has passed my test and won my heart. VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream provides intense hydration while still quickly absorbing into my skin. Or as their website puts it “Uses an “exclusive ‘T2′ stone mortar extraction process’, which facilitates the healing and regeneration of damaged skin cells near the eyes by protecting this delicate area of the face and by fading away the first visible signs of aging.” Those are the kind of words and I experienced the kind of results that make a girl fall in love.

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream has an exclusive, uniquely engineered crescent activation strip that works as a massage tool. When you apply, first start by gliding the strip around the eyes to smooth and refresh skin, use the strip to dab the cream along the under eye area, then massage the cream into the skin around your eye. It’s that simple. I used this product every day, morning and night and I saw VISIBLE results. I swear that the lines under my eyes were so hydrated that they soften and were visibly reduced.

Give VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream a try, and let me know what you think. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

A Winter Crop Top from RomWe

It’s too cold for a crop top. They say.

You’re too old for a crop top. They say.

You should be 100 pounds to wear a crop top. They say.

I don’t know who “they” are but they are wrong. I’m wearing this crop top and THEY can deal. When styling a crop top, keep it classy. You don’t need to bare your entire mid section, do wear high wasted pants and keep your head high because YOU LOOK GOOD GIRL. I like this crop top from RomWe because it’s actually a thick enough material that you don’t see right through it.

I bought these jeans from RomWe too and I sadly misjudged the sizing so they don’t fit properly, but they are the CUTEST. When you order these GORGEOUS bottoms, buy 2 sizes bigger than you normally would.

Shirt: RomWe | Pants: RomWe | Sweater: Target

The Perfect Fall Sweater from She Is Boutique

Cuffing season is here. I can’t believe that’s seriously a term and I can’t believe I’m seriously writing about it. For those of you who don’t know what cuffing seasons is, it’s when the weather gets cold and people want someone to cuddle so they’re “tied down” or cuffed to one person. Side note: I HATE the word cuddle unless you’re referring to a baby, puppy or bottle of wine. There is something very odd about hearing a grown man tell me he wants to cuddle. I digress. I don’t take part in the traditional cuffing season, instead I allow myself to be held by a soft, warm, fuzzy sweater. And this one from She Is Boutique is definitely worth cuffing!

Side note: I get a lot of questions about where I get my lacy bralettes and She is Boutique has quite a few cute ones like the one I’m wearing here.

I wore this beauty on my WISH TV Indy Style segment, if you didn’t see it you can watch it here!

Sweater: She Is Boutique | Bralette: She Is Boutique | Skirt: Target | Boots: Target (similar)| Target: Boots (similar)

Fall Skin and Hair Care on Indy Style

Happy fall ya’ll! I feel like you have to say that at least once every fall. Fall is here and it’s time to change up our skin and hair care routine. Today on Indy Style I’m talking some of my favorite skin and hair care products! Scroll to bottom for video.

Lavish by Vikki Ziegler Hair Perfume and Body Fragrance

This is the perfect pair for your dry shampoo routine! Add shine, protect from humidity, and leave your hair smelling AMAZING. It also doubles as a body oil that hydrates skin while leaving it soft to the touch!

Pulsaderm Sonic Washcloth

Pamper your skin with hundreds of medical grade silicone nodules move across skin as powerful sonic pulses to break away makeup, dirt and oil. Your skin will thank you!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product 

Say goodbye to dry, static hair and hello to softer, fuller hair! This little gem contains: Sunflower Seed Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Silk Amino Acids, and Vitamin C!


Paraben-free, fragrance-free and cruelty-free! The TwinMedix line will leave your skin smooth, soft and ready to face your day. Perfect for sensitive skin too!

A HUGE thank you to She Is Boutique for styling me this morning! Details on this look will be on the blog tomorrow.

***Please note, their website is***

I misspoke on the below segment!

Introducing Velvet into Your Wardrobe this Fall

The 90s are back, and I’m not totally certain how I feel about it. The other day I went INSIDE A MALL, I was desperate for something to wear to the Pattern Magazine launch party. Surprisingly malls are not always my favorite place to go… so. many. people. Anyway, I walked into Forever 21 and there was velvet EVERYWHERE. Shoes, dresses, chokers, shirts. I don’t even remember wearing that much velvet in the 90s, other than my sweet Juicy Couture knock off sweats that read HOTTIE or something on the butt. Embarrassing. Anyway, so I skimmed the racks of Forever 21 and Target and settled on an entire velvet ensemble. Too much? Maybe, but I think I like it.

Also, learn more about Pattern Magazine! It’s an amazing local Indianapolis magazine that features and connects local artists, blogger and more. Just another reason to love, love this city! Kelli of Big Hair and Foodie Fare and I went to the party and had a great night filled with too much wine. Naturally. Check out her look too!

Dress: Forever 21 |Dress Option 2: Forever 21 | Dress Option 3: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 1: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 2: Forever 21 | Jacket Option 3: Forever 21 | Clutch: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target

Nerium International Firming Body Contour Cream a Girls’ Dream

I’m loving all the Nerium International products I’ve tried thus far (see my last post about their Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash), so I was especially excited to try their Firming Body Contour Cream! And people, I LOVE it. It’s so so so so hydrating, I swear I can literally hear my skin say “thank you” after I apply it. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and hydrated; which is especially important during winter when our skin is robbed of moisture.

So let me get real with you… I’m a lotion addict. I don’t use the “popular” brands that are often purchased because of the fragrance, I use real moisturizing lotion. I keep lotion by my bed, in my purse, and at my desk. I absolutely hate the feeling of dry skin. Not to mention, keeping skin hydrated also helps prevent premature signs of aging!

So why do I love the Firming Body Contour Cream?

  1. It’s clinically proven to help firm, tighten, and tone skin. Clinical results mean what they claim has been proved.
  2. It contains caffeine which supports firming and tightening of the skin by helping stimulate circulation.
  3. It contains collagen and elastin in a Peptide Matrix that’s also going to support firmer looking skin.
  4. It imparts incredible hydration thanks to the power of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe which are natural, moisturizing properties.
  5. It doesn’t leave skin feeling sticky or tacky like most thick moisturizers do. It quickly and easily absorbs into the skin so it won’t prevent you from putting on your skinny jeans.

Like I said in my last post about Nerium International, based on my experience, I really trust this brand. They don’t have outrageous marketing claims, they back up their claims with clinical results and they also have really impressive actual customer result pictures on their website.

Use this lotion twice daily, best after a warm shower or before bed and massage it into trouble areas for 20 seconds or until fully absorbed. The product is $90 if you do a monthly auto subscription or $120 one time purchase which is expensive for body lotion, however you only have to use it on your trouble spots (aka thighs, butt, stomach, upper arms, etc.) and I truly believe you can bargain shop your fashion but not usually your skin. Take care of your skin with Nerium International!

Special thank you to Nerium International for letting me try so many of their amazing products! This is definitely a brand I will continue to use!

High Waist Pants from Shein

I LOVE THESE PANTS! I’m seriously so in love with these Shein pants. Tuck in a shirt and they’re perfect for work, or sport a crop top and it’s perfect for girls night. They’re also incredibly comfortable.

And these shoes, no words needed. My mom will hate them, but I love them so much. I can’t wait to wear them with a dress too. So. Much. Love.

Purchasing Tip: I don’t have a good reference to say if these Shein pants run big or small. So I’ll explain the fit. Oddly, the tightest portion is the calf area. I typically wear a size 6 pants, or a 27/28 waist and I’m wearing a medium. Per normal with Shein, if in doubt I always suggest to size up!

Pants: Shein | Top: Shein Option 1 | Top: Shein Option 2 | Top: Shein Option 3 | Shoes: Shein Option | Shoes: Target (actual)

5 Reasons I love Nerium International Double-Cleansing Face Wash

I was first introduced to Nerium International skincare with their EYE-V Moisture Boost eye pads and I FELL IN LOVE with them. Side note: if anyone needs to get me a birthday, Christmas, sorry it’s Sunday evening and you have work tomorrow gift you know what to get me. They’re seriously one of my favorite eye pads of all times. So I was suuuuuper excited when they reached out to me to try their Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash.

Because I love lists…

5 reasons I’m LOVING this product:

  1. Thoroughly removes ALL make-up. No need to scrub your face with a wipe, or use an eye make-up remover this double use product removes your make-up while it cleanses!
  2. Deeply cleanses without drying out skin. It’s really hard to find a face wash that doesn’t leave my skin feeling either super dry or like I didn’t even wash it. This Double-Cleansing wash leaves my skin feeling soft and clean while remaining hydrated.
  3. Contains a pH level perfect for skin. Which means it’s perfectly formulated for facial skin and won’t cause it to be dry or irritated.
  4. Contains Coconut. I strongly detest the taste and smell of Coconut. I know, I know (I also don’t like the PSL, I’m weird). However I know and believe in the hydrating power of Coconut and hydration is the best way to keep skin looking youthful is hydration!
  5. I trust the company. It’s hard to find a good skin care company that doesn’t falsely promise you the world (at least until the FDA cracks down on them). Nerium International products work how they say they’ll work, and don’t include unattainable marketing claims. The point being, unlike your ex boyfriend Nerium International products will actually do what they say!

I love my Nerium International Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash!

PS. I’m also excited to try the new

I’m so excited to try Nerium International’s Firming Contour Cream they sent me. If these beauty products don’t get me get a boyfriend, I seriously give up!

Transitioning Rompers into Fall

I am all about affordable shopping. Mostly because I’m addicted to shopping and I get bored after wearing a piece a couple times, which is one reason I really love The clothes are affordable and good quality especially for what you pay. But there is more to affordable fashion than just a good priced piece, it also means making pieces not only suitable for different occasions but different seasons. I’ve worn this romper/jumper 1200 times since I got it, just a SLIGHT exaggeration. This romper is so versatile because you can dress it up or down and you can also wear it all year long. Basically it’s more reliable than my ex boyfriend.

Romper Purchasing Tip: Purchase the romper in your normal size. I thought I would need to purchase a size up (like I typically do) but the romper ended up being a bit too big for me. Luckily it ties in the back so that’s easily fixable! Also note, the romper is VERY flowy so careful wearing it on a windy night like I did. Sorry to everyone that saw my butt. Oops.

Sweater Purchasing Tip: I ordered mine one size up and the sweater just fits. I typically like my sweaters oversized so if I ordered this again I would purchase two sizes up.

Because you’ll save more money by purchasing more at once through RomWe than one or two pieces, I linked the original shoes I’m wearing and similar shoes from RomWe. So choose your pleasure! 🙂 The boots were a gift, so I don’t know the original place of purchase. Happy shopping!

Romper: RomWe | Sweater RomWe | Boots: Similar RomWe | Sneaks: Similar RomWe | Sneaks: Target | Pictures: Big Hair and Foodie Fare