At Home Workout Tips & Hydrating with vitaminwater

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Having an active lifestyle is very important to me. Working out not only helps me keep my booty in check (as best as possible), but it also mentally clears my mind. Over the past couple months I was diagnosed with an under active Thyroid and two of the biggest symptoms are weight gain and constant fatigue. Cool. Now that I’ve been working with my doctor to get my Thyroid regulated I’m finally starting to feel better! Because I’m feeling better I’ve been spending a LOT of time at the gym and focusing on how to take care of my body before and after I workout. Of course it’s important to get the right amount of carbs/proteins to fuel your workouts and recharge your muscles. It’s equally as important (or so I think) to also hydrate before, during and after your workout.

Maintaining an active lifestyle when you’re busy can be hard and you can’t always make it to the gym. But it’s easy and can be just as affective to workout at home. How you ask? I’m so glad you did!

Tips for working out at home:

  1. Buy a yoga mat. This will not only provide cushion, but also will prevent you from getting grass stains if you take your workout outside.
  2. Find items you can lift. Weather it’s cans of soup, actual weights or rocks in the yard add some weight to your routine!
  3. Stay hydrated. I prefer to hydrate with vitaminwater, which you can pick up at your local Giant Eagle store. More details on that below!
  4. Start simple. Begin with a 10 minute workout, then move to 15, 20, etc. until you’re happy with your time. Don’t feel like just because they workout for hours on Biggest Loser that you have to. That’s just cray.
  5. Celebrate your “small” victories. Take a moment after each workout to simply tell yourself GOOD JOB ME! Or call your BFF when you switch from 10 pound weights to 15 pound weights because YOU ARE AWESOME and you worked hard!

So back to the vitaminwater… I pick up my vitaminwater at the Market District, a Giant Eagle store, in Carmel, Indiana (you can find it in the water aisle). Find a Giant Eagle store near you!

Personally, I love drinking my vitaminwater zero revive flavor to help remain hydrated while I workout. Side note: I also happen to love the flavors squeezed, rise and shine. As vitaminwater says, “Regret nothing, try them all!” So naturally I want to try them all! You can also now buy them in a six pack! All vitaminwater flavors that I’ve tried taste great and help break the cycle of constantly drinking bland water. It also provides hard-working hydration, vitamins and electrolytes that are essential to fuel an active lifestyle!

Want to rehydrate with vitaminwater? Text “epic” to 26739 to enter the “Drink Outside the Lines” sweepstakes to be eligible for epic prizes. Receive a $0.75 off coupon for 2 vitaminwater products just for entering. Ends October 31, 2017.

I also seriously love this YouTube video. I laugh every. single. time.

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2 thoughts on “At Home Workout Tips & Hydrating with vitaminwater

  1. Cristi Comes says:

    So glad you’re getting your thyroid issue worked out. Mine went hypoactive during pregnancy and it really threw things out of whack. Staying hydrated is so important. (Client)

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