Ask Ash

I absolutely LOVE answering “fashion questions”. It’s incredibly fulfilling to help a women feel more confident, more assured and more beautiful by simply encouraging her to stop hiding behind her clothes.

So ask me your fashion blunders like…
– What shirt should I wear with this skirt?
– What is a low cost version of *insert fabulous celeb here* outfit?
– Where are good places to find clothing and jewelry online?
– I have $50 to spend and I want to maximize my outfits, what should I buy?

And, if you give me permission, I might blog about you!

Contingencies: I cannot find pants that will give you a thigh gap (which is so overrated), a shirt that makes your arms look like you can curl a small child in one hand or a necklace that will get you a boyfriend. I’m not a wizard, just a style lover.

After all, fASHionately Me is all about helping you be Fashionately You.
(ahhh you finally understand the name of my blog)

Ask Away:


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