A Simple Way to Add Sass

Have you noticed that guys have really stepped up their sock game? They’ll wear a simple grey suit then reveal these eye catching paisley socks underneath. Up to this point I’ve been jealous, but not any more! Why you ask? That’s a great question, it’s because I found Chrissy’s Knee High Socks.

Chrissy’s socks are super adorable and super affordable! I love when I can use those words together! They have simple socks with stripes, or more fun socks with unicorns (hello, dream socks). I love wearing mine underneath my winter booths, around the house on a Saturday morning or with my favorite pair of workout shorts. They also have thigh high socks available that will sass up any skirt. I’m obsessed with my White/Teal Tube Knee Socks and Bubble Gum Pink Tube Knee Socks. Socks are the easiest way to add sass to any outfit!

Come on ladies, we can’t let the guys beat us on the sock game! Also, they offer free shipping on purchases over $50, so stock up!


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