5 Reasons I love Nerium International Double-Cleansing Face Wash

I was first introduced to Nerium International skincare with their EYE-V Moisture Boost eye pads and I FELL IN LOVE with them. Side note: if anyone needs to get me a birthday, Christmas, sorry it’s Sunday evening and you have work tomorrow gift you know what to get me. They’re seriously one of my favorite eye pads of all times. So I was suuuuuper excited when they reached out to me to try their Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash.

Because I love lists…

5 reasons I’m LOVING this product:

  1. Thoroughly removes ALL make-up. No need to scrub your face with a wipe, or use an eye make-up remover this double use product removes your make-up while it cleanses!
  2. Deeply cleanses without drying out skin. It’s really hard to find a face wash that doesn’t leave my skin feeling either super dry or like I didn’t even wash it. This Double-Cleansing wash leaves my skin feeling soft and clean while remaining hydrated.
  3. Contains a pH level perfect for skin. Which means it’s perfectly formulated for facial skin and won’t cause it to be dry or irritated.
  4. Contains Coconut. I strongly detest the taste and smell of Coconut. I know, I know (I also don’t like the PSL, I’m weird). However I know and believe in the hydrating power of Coconut and hydration is the best way to keep skin looking youthful is hydration!
  5. I trust the company. It’s hard to find a good skin care company that doesn’t falsely promise you the world (at least until the FDA cracks down on them). Nerium International products work how they say they’ll work, and don’t include unattainable marketing claims. The point being, unlike your ex boyfriend Nerium International products will actually do what they say!

I love my Nerium International Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash!

PS. I’m also excited to try the new

I’m so excited to try Nerium International’s Firming Contour Cream they sent me. If these beauty products don’t get me get a boyfriend, I seriously give up!

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