Tips for Dressing on a Date

I’ve decided that 2018 is the year I say yes to going on dates. Blind dates, Bumble dates, set-up dates… Because why not? The good news is, I’m going to blog about them (no, I won’t name names) for your entertainment. These poor guys have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. *evil grin*

The point of me telling you this, it’s not just to tantalize your curiosity about my dating life, but let’s talk about what to wear on a date. First off, dating WOOF – if I’m going to have to sit at a table with a guy that looks WAY different than his picture, talks for 30 minutes about a spreadsheet or shows up drunk (yes those are all true stories) then I at least better comfortable.

I have three rules when dressing for a date. 

  1. Be comfortable. I don’t want to be constantly worrying if my strapless bra is going to fall off, or if my butt crack is hanging out of my skinny jeans while I’m trying desperately to not punch the guy who literally just ordered for me (again, true story).
  2. Be stylish, but approachable. This is a personal opinion, but I don’t wear the trendy outfit I would wear on girls night for a first date. I don’t need a guy knowing I’m high maintenance at the beginning, I like to let that slowly slip in. *evil grin again*
  3. Be confident. I have like three outfits that I just rotate for dates. I dream of the day I have to get a fourth one because it means I’m finally going on a fourth date. That’ll be the day I call my momma and tell her I’m finally getting wifed up!

I like this dress for dates because I can layer it underneath a sweater and it’s sooo comfortable. Not to mention the v-neck adds just a bit of “ooo la la”.

Sweater: Target | Dress: Lola Blu Boutique | Boots: Target

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