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I recently read an article that absolutely disgusted me, it said that shoulder cutouts were going out of style in 2017. UM… HELLO! You’re not the boss of me and you’re not going to tell me that I can’t expose my shoulders. So ladies, ignore the haters that say shoulder cutouts are so 2016 and rock your sexy shoulders confidently!

Few, glad I got that off my chest! Now let’s talk sweaters.

My love for sweaters is like my love for Bumble. Every once in a while I find a guy worth right swiping; however, most of the time I want to delete the app and hide in my bed with a bottle of wine. However, the sweaters I’ve found on have definitely been right swipe worthy! If you missed the first one I posted check it out here. I like this sweater because (HELLO THE COLOR *emoji with heart eyes*) the shoulder cut outs make a dull sweater more stylish and trendy. This sweater is shorter in the front, and longer in the back with frayed edging – there are a lot of stylish elements happening ON A SWEATER!

Styling Tip: This sweater flairs out around the hip area, so if you too have a Greek (or whatever region) donk and you don’t love highlighting that area, you might like my last sweater better.

Purchasing Tip: This style is a one size fits all (realistically I think it would fit a S to XL shirt size). I’m 5’4 if that helps you out with determining if length would work for you. 🙂

So ladies, don’t give in to the winter blah by committing to boring sweaters let show you a whole new world!

Again, THANK YOU Katherine Mei Photography for partnering with me to take these photos! Long story short, my hair straightener and I fought the day of the shoot with Katie. I literally had the WORST hair day in the history of my hair days. Thankfully Katie was great at helping me disguise my deardful hairs. If you’re looking for a photographer or just want to see her pretty pictures, check out her website, and her personal and photography Instagram!

Sweater: | Photos: Katherine Mei Photography

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