Choosing Sunnies with Indianapolis Sunglasses Hut

I have a confession… Typically when I’m shopping I hide from the store employees, put on my headphones and barely look up. There is something about being in a store that makes me become incredibly anti-social. Don’t judge me, like you’ve never done it! But let me tell you, the Sunglasses Hut located in the front of Macy’s in the Indianapolis Castleton Mall, has completely changed my mind!

I knew I wanted a new pair of sunglasses that are a little trendier than normal but other than that, I had no idea what brand or style I wanted. I talked to the store employees about what shapes I typically like, what styles I don’t like, and what bothers me about my current sunglasses. I browsed the store while the store manager pulled a couple for me try as well. After trying on several pairs, we narrowed it down to five pairs. The manager explained that five is a good amount for people to choose from because it isn’t too overwhelming, and after this experience I definitely agree. Fun fact, remaining in my top two options was a pair of aviators – the one shape I said I hated on my face but the staff had convinced me to try them on anyway! Well done Sunglasses Hut, because I’m not easily convinced! Once I picked out these gorgeous Prada beauties, the nicest pair of sunglasses I’ve EVER treated myself too, they were custom fit to my face. This alone is AMAZING. If you’ve never had a custom fit pair of sunglasses, you’re missing out! I have a short, pug nose and long fake eyelashes, so my sunglasses always slide off my nose or my lashes hit the frames. I think I screamed like a little girl when I could blink and look down WHILE wearing my sunglasses. Thank you Santa, I knew I was a good(ish) girl this year! Now how about that boyfriend I asked you about? Another great part about buying at Sunglasses Hut is that you can go in at any time to have your frames re-adjusted. I wear mine on my head a lot, so once they stretch out I can go back and have them fitted perfectly again.

There are so many reasons I enjoyed my experience at Sunglasses Hut in Macy’s at the Castleton Mall, but overall their customer service and the way they value their customers tops my list! The store manager told me about a customer coming to visit Indy for the weekend from New York and her glasses broke en route. He called around other local stores, had the pieces shipped to his store and by the time she landed he had all needed to fix her sunglasses. Because of course, if your glasses break they’re able to fix them for you at only a fraction of the cost! Oh, and if you love the newest options, they often launch styles first before you can buy them anywhere else.

Overall I can honestly say that I’ll never buy my sunglasses at any other store! PS For outfit details, follow me on Instagram!



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